In search of story


Disconnections: September 20.18

“The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”

I mistakenly thought was fiction

and I planted this year’s pear tomato

with blithely naïve predilection.

Egad, it grew like Jack’s beanstalk

like some overpowering addiction

forcing the zinnias and chives

to bent and yellowed eviction.

Even the pots on the deck

are muttering gruff malediction —

who knew one little tomato

could become such rabid affliction?




Disconnections: September 2.18


The thickly leafy whatzzit tree

rises very pointedly

stretching most directionally

I wonder what I’m supposed to see.

Or maybe that’s a goose-type bill

and feathers made of chlorophyll

some arboreal whippoorwill

gowned in pinnate down and quill.

Or maybe…well, I don’t know how

I can see through its nom-de-bough

morphing sly from then to now

laughing at my furrowed brow.



More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives and the curator thereof.