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Connections: August 3.17

┬áThis won’t fit into your pocket

and it won’t put you on to the ‘net

but there are so many places you can’t drop it

and it doesn’t mind getting wet.

It doesn’t compete with today

and its digital glossy chronology

but holds to a steady display

of yesterday’s hand-wrought technology.

In gilded and courtly demeanor

it sniffs in aloof pantomime

though a smartphone is somewhat leaner

it’s unmoved by the passing of time.



Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.




Connections: May 20.17

Cog and wheel

wire and spring

precise, confluent

mindless thing.

Sterile, tidy,


no surprises

nothing feared.

True to function

whole and part

metal head

plastic heart.



never messy

work proficient.

Do I envy


Sometimes no

sometimes yes.

Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.


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Connections: April 6

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAh, the family album!

Many the portrait there

of ceiling, forehead, elbow,

thumb and derriere.

Amalgam anatomy

knee to nape to phalange

snippet of this and glimpse of that

ultimate jigsaw challenge.

A museum of half-told riddles

they ratify this posit:

they’re not as much fun in the hard drive

as in a shoebox in the closet.



Connections: February 9

2015-10 - 66 - AntennasWhere’s the writers’ catalog

that offers such invention?

I need more than prompt and blog —

a step beyond convention.

My writer’s brain is jumbled

by inchoate voices within;

I need these to cut through the mumble

to help me unriddle the din.

I’d put one on my shoulder

and the other on my head;

I know I’d be so much bolder

if I could just hear what’s being said.

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



Connections: January 23

Ode to My Computer

Oh, thou dastard mystery!

Flat rectangle of doom!

With monotoned duplicity

you dominate the room.

My memory card inserted

with photos fresh and current —

you just sit here humming

defiant and obscurant.

What happened to that SD thing

or whatever hapless part?

You’re just the modern tin man

and you really need a heart!