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April 22.21: Coping

The hydrangea and the crabapple tree

awoke in frozen state.

“Remind me,” said each to the other,

“what is the real date?”

They shivered and shrugged

and tried to remember

if they slept through the summer

and woke up in December.


Thus, below freezing, did yesterday begin. And thus did we shiver through the day. Blossoms on the trees held a hundred times their weight in heavy snow, and thus did pink and white branches lie broken on the ground. We had hail, snow, rain, bright sunshine, perfect calm, roaring winds and thunder in dizzying display, and thus did Nature growl at us to take nothing for granted.


Wishing you a good Earth Day, dear reader!


Connections: April 22.18

In palette vast

the earth enhues us;

with awe and wonder

it should infuse us.

If we grow smug

and shrug,


it will rouse us with

loud peals of white.



Thanks more to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives for this glorious Earth Show.

May we come closer to stewardship on this Earth Day.