In search of story


Connections: August 22.17

A solar eclipse

box of family stuff

we have to admit

it’s never close enough.

We search for the clues

whether cosmic or cousin

and sigh with unanswered

questions by the dozen.


This is my dear friend Donna, visiting. She is the one who gave me the concept of Connections and who lives the concept. She is visiting family and old friends and acquired a box of family history along the way. Pure awe.





Connections: April 25.17

Dear reader,

It appears I might be gone from my blog for a couple days,

so I will not be able to meet my goal of a poem a day

for National Poetry Month.

But Thursday is Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day and

even though I haven’t been able to make my usual preparations for it,

I want to be sure you all have poems for your pockets,

so here is one of my favorites.

It won’t take long for you to write it down

and put it in your pocket

and slip it into the pocket of someone else



We glibly talk

of nature’s laws,

but do things have

a natural cause?

Black earth becoming

yellow crocus

is undiluted


— Piet Hein

Wishing you all poems for your pockets

and for the pockets of all you love!



Connections: April 1.17

My writing mate Tamara

 got me into this mess

She said, “Why don’t you try it?

It’s just a month, maybe less.”

But the photo as prompt

turned to daily addiction

worse! it became poems

instead of nonfiction.

How did this happen?

It’s confounding, ironic

I’m so deeply pulled in

to the visual and phonic.

My old friends Bill and Donna

jumped in along with me

shooting word rapids

with photos and whimsy.

Have I learned what makes poetry?

I haven’t a clue

but still I can wish

Happy Poetry Month

to you!

And THANK YOU, Tamara, Bill, and Donna!



Connections: February 14.17

2015-06-33-bouginvilla-15-july“Say it with flowers”

has sold many a rose

but other flowers speak

in poetry and prose.

How can I say more

to express my true feeling

than with this corsage

of bougainvillea on the ceiling?

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader!

And more thanks to the S.W.Berg Photo Archives

and to D.J. Berg’s green thumbs.



Connections: November 16.16

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWhen an old friend comes to visit

what do you have to do?

Head to the newest coffeeshop

and pick this from their menu:

a snifter of marshmallow milk

espresso with chocolate ganache

mix, salute, and sip

with arthritis and panache.

My old friend Donna is here this week.

Teetering on the edge of our 74th birthdays,

friends since high school,

we have much to salute!



Connections: September 1

getPart (3)Hope is the thing with feathers

wrote the Amherst bard

Mama and Papa Dove concur

it isn’t some canard —

turning the page

isn’t just for spring

sometimes fall

is for beginning.

One year ago, I started Connections as a sort of experiment, partly because of the challenge from my writing mate Tamara and partly from the way my friend Donna uses the word “connection.” Tamara had prodded me to try poetry and photography. At the same time, I was becoming conscious of how Donna used “connect” — I think she herself was unaware of her pattern of reaching out, but “connect” was clear evidence. And thus did two excellent friends shape this experiment.

Then Donna’s husband, Bill, jumped in with photographs. If you have read any of my ancient blog posts, you know that Bill and Donna and I have been friends since high school.  Would we have foretold 50+ years ago that we’d have mixed our imaginations in a blog? Well, maybe.

The experiment has turned into habit. Not because it’s been easy but because it’s been good for me.

I have met my goal of doing this for a year and now I can’t quit. However, I learn from the doves. Some change is in order. As you know, dear reader, I love the fall and look forward to the inwardness of winter. Maybe some prose from time to time? As it says above, “in search of story.” Always.


Once again, thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.

And to Donna and to Tamara.  And to those of you who visit and have connected.