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Connections: September 30

OI - 2015-09 - 49I say hello,

you say goodbye —

the Beatles said it for us .

Hello, I must be going —

Groucho led the chorus.

The rub is plain ‘mid kith and kin

 — we do not want to bore us —

does Hello? end or does it begin?

Please listen, we implore us.

Thanks more to the S.W. Berg Archives.


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Connections: September 26

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABetween the dark and the daylight —

not Longfellow’s evening pause —

comes the afterglow of daybright

September’s twilight bows.

Undulant gentle autumn air,

rocking-chair safe, home-cozy,

whispers bugs out from somewhere

to play their ring-around-rosy.


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Connections: September 22


looked again

but it was real

at the tippy-top of the branch

the promise!

the wink!

the come-hither of autumn!

O, blessed rouge!

Did the neighbors think it strange that the weird old lady with the camera

(that would be me)

danced in a circle, druid-like, around the puny maple in her back yard?

Not any more.

And, no, I never over-react.


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Connections: September 21


I stood with the happy dirt of the garden in my knuckles

noted the sky


at my singular place:

that lavish snowy dowager cloud

its raiment billowing winglike across the blue

was only that.

This was no explosion, no fire, no loss of home or life.

It was just a cloud.


I stood and thought about that.

Why me?

Why am I so blessed? And what do I do about it?

On this International Day of Peace, I wish you, dear reader,

and me

a moment of peace

and insight into what we do with it.



Connections: September 16

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe started today with a manhunt. Police cars, helicopter, sirens,

and there on the news an aerial view of my neighborhood from that helicopter:

flashing red and blue lights and school buses,

homes with breakfast lights golden through the crepe of morning gray.

How like a transient shadow

the illusion of safety.