In search of story


Disconnections: December 5.18

Now is the time of projects

inspired by the glow of the season

so I undertake insanities

in full-blown leave of my reason.

The proof of project fever

— I needn’t offer more —

is how much December time

I spend upon the floor.

Virtuous organization

visual oversight

can only be accomplished

by wall-to-wall floor blight.

Consuming and invasive,

tentacled, rapacious,

projects change to crowded

rooms that once seemed spacious.

But all of that aside

there’s yet another bane

the consequence to me:

my joints in chorus complain,

“Deck the halls! Hang holly!

Spike the eggnog cup!

But please to keep this truth in mind:

what goes down must get back up!”




Disconnections: December 2.18


UP is that place

to run


for having fun


for being goal

DOWN is that place

to roll

I used to be ten

I remember when

but I don’t think I’ll try it again.



Have you ever, dear reader, wanted to roll down a leafy hill long after you knew you’d be an idiot to try?


Thanks again to photographer S.W. Berg and Happy Birthday to D. J. Berg!






Disconnections: November 29.18

This tower rose in Ireland

as refuge from the Viking;

I ponder it as something

profoundly to my liking.

It’s possible this holds

the peace that calms, revives:

this could be the place

I might escape Burl Ives.



Ah, yes, dear reader, it’s that time again: time for the onslaught of Christmas mall music, aka noise.

Bing Crosby? Check. The Chipmunks? Check. Tylenol? Check, check.


Special thanks to photographer Art Lindeman.