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Connections: November 26


Is there a pumpkin in your pie?

(in your pie)

Is there a lox upon your rye?

(‘pon your rye)

Pierogi, latke, dribbles on my chin,

and Brussels sprouts cannot come in.

(cannot come in)

Is there a gizzard in your pot?

(in your pot)

Giblet gravy hits the spot.

(hits the spot)

Drumstick, wishbone, grease and sticky plate,

that is why today is great.

(today is great)

Memories with nosh and sip,

(nosh and sip)

 ghosts in every crumb and drip,

(crumb and drip)

but lift we glass as high as it can be

to what has been and what will be!

(and what will be)

To be sung, more or less, to the tune of “There Is A Tavern In The Town.”

Think Mitch Miller, you who are old enough.

All others, go to Google.

And Happy Thanksgiving!


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Connections: November 24

Vernon Hill - 10 - 2015-10The door that’s always open

the walls that don’t enclose

a line of sight unbroken

leafy fragrance freely flows

yet something guards, a border,

protective but unseen —

I fill my lungs and bless him,

the inventor of the screen.

Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.


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Connections: November 23

Vernon Hill - 16 - 2015-10Many years ago

we walked a common way

through hallowed halls of high school,

 teenage day-to-day.

That was then and this is now;

our ways are long asunder.

But here and there we’ve grabbed an hour

be-robed, betimes, to wonder

where we’ve been and who we are

how life is still aborning,

and we know the richest cuppa

is friendship in the morning.

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.

And thanks to D.J. Berg for all those early morning summits.