In search of story


Connections: March 27.17

 When I was very small,

“Me, myself and I”

was snappy repartee

though I couldn’t tell you why.

A hundred years have passed

voices come and gone

but me, myself and I

remain and chatter on.

Here’s where we meet for coffee

this tri-partite banquette

you can find us here engaged

in earnest tête-à-tête.

If occasionally you hear

barnyard din from this old tree

remember me, myself and I

can often disagree.

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



Connections: March 26.17

The Word of the Day, orogeny,

 is from geological lore.

It refers to upheaval of mountains

and to my home decor.

Upheaval is the leitmotif

that thrums through every room

clutter, heaps, and mayhem

clumps of boxes bloom.

My metaphors are mixed

and fitting they be so:

this inside-out and upside-down

gives me vertigo.

I hate this fraught dystopia

but it’s the price I have to pay:

sometimes a tidy tomorrow

requires a messy today.



Connections: March 23.17

Did you ever have the feeling

that you were being watched?

That you’d best not sneak that pastry

or leave that crossword botched?

You can summon up its form

with secret incantation

and here’s the concrete proof

it’s not your imagination.

Thanks again to the S. W. Berg Photo Archives

and to the D.J. Berg Whimsy Archives.



Connections: March 20.17

When trees grow lace

and eyelet trim of snowdrop

is gathered at the path

buttoned by primrose

beribboned by narcissus

flounced by violet

the quadrille is announced

the cotillion begins.

Happy First Day of Spring, dear reader!

And again thanks to the S.W.Berg Photo archives.