In search of story


January 27.19


Omelette art,

edible wonder,

delicate froth

both over and under,

but firm enough yet

to spill and hold,

hinting what’s hidden,

coy and bold.

Savory, sweet

edible plate —

I salute the egg

in endless iterate.


If you have an omelette today, dear reader,

especially one with such Papageno colors,

be sure to serve it with a birthday candle

and hum a few bars of “The Magic Flute.”

Happy birthday, Mozart!


With more thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.

And a tip of the chef’s hat to omelette chef Art Lindeman.

Yes, this is Art’s omelette art.

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Dear reader,

I don’t know if I had too much coffee this morning or not enough. Somehow I published a post that wasn’t supposed to be a post. In horror I deleted it. If you were kind enough to visit earlier, you would have encountered a really weird post or a complete blank. Either one would explain me.