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Disconnections: June 23.18

Gardeners’ dedication

is in leafy order writ;

more subtle is the telling

of their heliotropic wit.



I do not know the photographer or gardener or painter of the sign, but I love the photo!

Many thanks to S.W. Berg for passing it along.


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Connections: April 30.18

Uriah Heep

in skulking hunch

lifts away

from scavenged lunch

umble pie

for every meal

wardrobe stark



his beggar’s ways

devious, wheedling

low sashays

piercing caw

reveals the rub

to wreak revenge

for umble grub.



With thanks and apologies to Charles Dickens.

And more thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.











Connections: April 21.18

Away to the left

in a swatch of bright blue

patisserie aura

is hidden from view.

It’s easy to miss

if you don’t know it’s there,

but once it’s discovered

it’s a rapturous lair.

In its own mythic nook

removed, set apart,

it revels in oven-birthed

edible art.

And thus did these words

bring tears to my eyne

when I read the decree

on the world’s saddest sign.



Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.

And thanks to Rene’s Bakery, in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, for its incredibly wonderful offerings.





Connections: April 16.18

How eloquent the pie,

sublime the chocolate thrilling,

effusive the buttery crumb

and dainty pastry frilling!

In sweet and wordless voice

they join in birthday fuss

a triple 75


sticky fingers!

to us!



My dear old high school friends, Bill and Donna, came last week for our birthday celebration.

It was the Mt. Everest of sugar highs. Utter bliss, dear reader.