In search of story


Disconnections: August 14.18

Zinnias in tatters

petals all strewn

who done the deed?

what marauding poltroon?

When I glimpsed the bright sneak

I recanted my whine

my old friends have found me!

the garden’s more mine.


Please pardon the slight haze, dear reader. I had to nab this shot through the window.


Disconnections: June 14.18

Garden icon

myth and man


as watering can

the story goes

his whispered word

was carried by wind

his followers heard

is he today

sculpted in stone

because he invented

the first smartphone?



With no disrespect intended to Il Poverello, whose bemused expression watches over the pond

from my neighbor’s yard. I just wish he wouldn’t be so welcoming to the chipmunks.