In search of story

April 20.19


What is there about the horizon

that brings us back to ourselves?

Why do I look so long

at where I’m not

to see in plainness

where I am?

Is there

in distance

some mirror

imaging the invisible me,

some horned conch

in whispered roar

of thought?

How is it that in looking away

I see within?



7 thoughts on “April 20.19

  1. I like your poem inspired by such a beautiful view.

  2. Deep. (And wide.) I like this a lot! Happy Easter, my friend!

  3. I must admit I don’t get that feeling looking at a landscape, BUT I feel that way every time the tide rolls in when I’m at the ocean. 🙂 Happy Easter, friend.

    • I agree there is something different in the ocean horizon. Watching the tide is an extraordinary experience, especially for those of us who don’t see it often. A very happy Easter to you, too, friend!

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