In search of story


April 9.20: Coping

Just outside my window

comfy as can be

a most complacent duck

dwells in reverie.

Something makes her happy

content to sit a while

a secret she is hiding

with inscrutable duck smile.



With apologies for filmy look:

I had to sneak this through the Venetian blinds.

Maybe someone needs to wash her windows?

Nah…she’s not that bored!



Disconnections: June 24.18

A willing suspension

of everything,

deliberate slow reach

daring, cautious quest

rising skyward from some restless molecule

within —

if you’re lucky

the grass prickles your back

clover tickles your heels

summer earth pillows your head

if you’re good at it

you seem mere debris

senseless —

the fine art of watching clouds

is not quickly attained.