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22 thoughts on “September 8.22: Coping, but barely

  1. Of course I knew that since we are both board members of Dessert Eaters of America, and proud of it. 🙂 Fresh fall apples are mighty good eating. I’m headed over to my local source to see if the Macouns are in yet because those are my favorites. Of course, then there’s apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce, apple cake, and many more. 🙂

    • Now I’m even hungrier! We aren’t into apple season yet here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think of things like apple crisp, one of life’s greatest blessings. Yes, we share the prestige of serving on the board of Dessert Eaters of America, a responsibility we do not take lightly. I hope you find those apples!

  2. Apple Crisp, one of my favorites! Homemade applesauce is another. Desserts are on my food pyramid. The problem is they occupy 3/4 of it! Lol!

    Your poem is so whimsical…. I love it.

    Hmmmm, I need to get going Maureen. My apples are calling me. One of them must want to be eaten RIGHT NOW and I must oblige! 🤗

    • Oh, absolutely: never be rude to an apple, whether it’s asking to be eaten RIGHT NOW or asking to be made into an apple crisp. I agree about homemade applesauce too. Actually, there aren’t too many things made with apples that I have any objection to. Also I have no objection to your food pyramid; it is similar to mine. It’s good to know other health-conscious people.

  3. “Poetry makes me hungry.” Maybe that’s why I’ve always liked poetry. I haven’t had breakfast yet. I think there’s some fruit out there. I gotta go.

  4. Oakleaf hydrangea–yours is so pretty; mine has already dried on the stem. But the other hydrangea (the round kind), we used to call Snowballs. Remember those Hostess Snowball cakes with that gross stretching coconut topping? But I love coconut and it’s only 7:40 am–much too early for coconut cake. Or is it…?

    • I sense two questions here: is it too early for a Hostess snowball, or too early for a real coconut cake? To the first, yes; to the second, never. Wasn’t it fun to pull that rubbery coconut mystery substance and see how far it would stretch before it broke? Did that stop us from eating it? Of course not. As for my hydrangea, it came with the house, compliments of the last owner, and I had no idea what it was when it first started to bloom. It is exceptionally gorgeous in evening light. Wasps and bees are crazy about it so it’s a bit noisy during the day, and I admire it from a respectful distance.

      • haha! That stretchy stuff was so gross. But, yes, of course we ate it! 😆 Coconut cake…my love.
        I have several oakleaf hydrangeas planted in my backyard and they are so pretty. They spread, too, and there is no care involved! My kind of plant–put it in the ground and let ‘er go!

  5. The plant that grows itself is too rare! I wouldn’t mind a few more.

  6. I love the idea of crabapple bangles. I have experimented with making cider ice lollies for the first time today. I had thought you needed cider, but it’s only apple juice and sugar syrup, which I have substituted with ginger cordial.

    • Cider ice lollies?? I don’t even know what that is, but I want some. Is that what we would call a popsicle? You freeze apple juice and ginger cordial? Ginger cordial is something else I’ve never heard of. That is definitely my idea of an experiment. I hope you will report on how it turned out!

      • I think it is a popsicle if that means you get a liquid and freeze it in a mould. My recipe adaptions are always very much I-don’t-like-this-and-I-haven’t-got-that, so success is not guaranteed. But my fingers are crossed. We have a brand, Belvoir, that makes interesting cordials. I don’t know if you have it.

      • I texted my daughter-in-law about the cordial — she’s much better than Google, but I haven’t heard back from her yet. She will know what it is and if we have it around here. I am intrigued. I have a biscotti recipe that uses Kahlua and I’m already wondering if I could substitute a ginger cordial. And, yes, frozen liquid, usually fruit-flavored and on a stick is a popsicle. However, it’s a REAL popsicle only if it turns your entire mouth neon orange or red or purple.

      • My ice lollies will not qualify as a popsicle. They are drab. I actually tried to have one before they were set last night after reading your comment, but thought better of it when the stick came out. I usually have the ginger cordial with warm water. It’s very good in winter.

      • What a disappointment! My daughter-in-law didn’t know anything about ginger cordial, which amazed me, so I googled it. I can well believe it would make a wonderful winter sip. I am surprised that the apple popsicles came out drab, but I’m still intrigued by the cordial.

      • p.s. Now that I think of it, did you mean “drab” in flavor, or in an absence of neon glow to your mouth after you tasted it?

      • Absence of neon glow – the natural kind of colour for apple juice. I always feel shocked when I see the colour of icing on cakes in the US.

      • Ah. So the flavor was not drab! Good! As for American icing colors, even I am a bit wary at times. One ends up with popsicle mouth from eating cake. Needless to say, I’d eat it anyway.

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