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December 24.21: Coping


My world is little

as is my tree,

yet there’s a world

inside of me.

The thing to do,

I cannot doubt,

is turn my person


and hang that world

with due aplomb

upon this little


and then to watch

the tree grow tall

— not so little

after all.

The world within

is mighty crowd,


teeming, loud,

overlapping place

and year,

mix of music,

laugh and tear.

Mishmash? Yes.

But life is that:

it isn’t neat

and folded flat.

The world inside,

the story of me,

sparkles on

my Christmas tree.


Whatever your traditions, your rituals, dear reader,

may they bring comfort this year,

and may they keep the story of you.


14 thoughts on “December 24.21: Coping

  1. Beautiful tree and lovely sentiment that rings true for many of us. I hope you have a lovely celebration with much loved family members. Have a merry and blessed holiday.

    • Thank you, Judy. It’s a real see-saw this Christmas between loss and blessing, isn’t it? We will hold to those good memories and forge ahead with as merry a day as we can make it. I will raise a cup of Christmas coffee to you in the morning!

      • When you raise that cup of coffee I will do the same. And, guess what I’ll be enjoying with that coffee? Home made cinnamon rolls gifted by my daughter and grandson. 🙂

      • No!! This is too amazing! I just may have to sneak one roll out of my son’s present, just to join you. It will be a sacrifice, but I can do it. What a great present they gave you! Merry Christmas Eve, Judy!

  2. Holiday traditions have been turned upside down these past two years. I think you’re right, we need to look within, I like your lovely little tree, not so small after all, and the wonderful thoughts you decorated it with. Merry Christmas Maureen.

    • Thank you, Dan. And a merry Christmas to you and your family too. A whole lot has been turned upside down in recent years and it’s been a struggle to stay right-side-up. Yes, we’ll hold to what’s inside.

  3. I love your tree and all the stories it contains, within and without. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Maureen. May 2022 be bright and sparkly.

  4. Not little at all, but mighty. Your tree is the archetypal one of my imagination. Our small traditions did bring us comfort, thanks. Felder is able to be here this year too which is a great blessing. Thank you for tannenbaum. I had not heard of the word or of the various songs, but understand the pleasure a tree brings, just by being. Merry Christmas, with a heartfelt thanks for the small and great mercies that come our way.

    • The best Christmas present of all! I am so pleased that he is there! Yes, “heartfelt thanks” indeed for all mercies that have kept us hanging on.

  5. Your poem is lovely and touching: a sparkly world indeed. Merry Christmas!

  6. Maureen, your poem resonates so very strongly with me. Thank you for sharing it with us. Wishing you a brilliant New Year. Hugs on the wing!

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