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December 23.21: Coping


The lessons of childhood,

bothersome baggage,

surface at Christmas,

like this overworked adage:

patience is virtue.

It’s so over-rated;

too much have I wanted,

too long have I waited.

How is waiting

a motivation?

Yeast insists:




11 thoughts on “December 23.21: Coping

  1. Seeing that picture brings another old adage to mind – keep your eye on the prize. After all, you must be rewarded for that patience. You captured the emotional battle quite well.

  2. Wonderful! Those beauties look delicious, and I can imagine you will be making some beloved family members very happy. A nice cup of good, hot coffee and one of those, and I would be a happy woman. 🙂 Merry Christmas, my friend.

    • Oh, if only you lived closer! But, yes, these will, I hope, be a shocking gift to my firstborn, for whom these were Christmas breakfast when he was little. I’m sure he thinks I’d forgotten how to make them, and I wasn’t sure myself that I could remember how to do it, so I was stoked yesterday when I actually did. I hadn’t worked with yeast dough in forever. Of course this morning I have to sandblast the kitchen, but it was worth it just to prove to myself I still had it in me. Merry Christmas to you too, my friend!

  3. Thank you! It sure brought back memories for me!

  4. Cinnamon swirls? They are rare to come by where I’m from. I wish I could see… make that smell, make that taste the baked version.

    • These are Pennsylvania Dutch Sticky Buns, according to the recipe. I’m convinced they got their name from the state of the kitchen after they’re baked. Indeed there is cinnamon but mostly it’s brown sugar and butter. My idea of health food. I do like the name “cinnamon swirls,” though, and I am fairly sure I’d like those too.

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