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12 thoughts on “December 2.21: Coping

  1. I’ll admire the frost from inside where there’s heat. 🙂 Frost is like ice – beautiful photos. 35 here this morning and snow flakes forecast. Winter is here.

  2. Thanks for the fun little start to a cold rainy day. I am fortunate to watch the frosty scenes from inside and while well dressed for the cold.

  3. I love your limerick and contemplate the fun thought of being suspended in thyme 😀
    As the pesky rain should tapper off by noon, I plan on spending some time in the (wet) garden. I’ll pay a special visit to my thyme and see how it goes.

  4. Thanks for making sure my morning’s a-glitter with rhyme. The leaf has picked the ideal spot to overwinter – where it can still be admired for a little longer.

    • And the red on green is quite festive for the time, wouldn’t you say? That’s one clever leaf.

      • Very festive. I suppose you think it’s just a coincidence it has picked such a fragrant spot? Research suggests plants interact with scents and of course they create them, but I dare say we could not expect a leaf off its tree to retain the ability/affinity?

      • Oh, better and better! Though I couldn’t quite bring myself to consider this mere coincidence (it’s right at my front door, and seems a little nosy about comings and goings), but I had no idea about the interactions of plants with scents! The amazement never stops!

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