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September 26.21: Coping


When an autumn sky is at your feet

and the low grasses hum,

and the one of you

is the total sum,

and your bike,

faithful steed,

is all the car

you really need,

do you know

this moment’s rite,

this solitary watch,

to hold it tight?



Thanks yet again to photographer S.W. Berg.



17 thoughts on “September 26.21: Coping

  1. I know that feeling well, and you captured it in your beautiful words. Very nice!

  2. This post made me smile for sure. Immediately I thought of the bike I had at my grandparents’ farm during the summer months. It was blue, and her name was Betsy. Oh my goodness, that bike and I put on a lot of miles because I just said I was going out to ride and hit the road. No stranger danger or helmet requirement. I would ride into town which was a couple of miles ‘downhill’ and then catch a ride home. That’s not happening today. 🙂 LOVE the header shot! Thanks for the good memories, Maureen.

    • Your bike had a name? I never heard of naming a bike, but it makes perfect sense because our bikes were so personal a part of life. As I was staring at this photo that Bill sent, I was transported to the days of bikes and all the fun had on them. You are so right: no helmet, no anxieties except for skinned knees (my specialty). To have a bike AND a grandparents’ farm would really be the ultimate luxury.

  3. “If only I could walk on water…”

  4. Ah! Of course! It’s a handsome one, isn’t it?

  5. My sister is the bicycle enthusiast in the family. My most memorable bike rides have been in company – on two different tandems, and also once on very wobbly self-powered ride along the Mississippi Levee.

    • A wobbly self-powered drive along that levee does not sound like the best bicycle experience ever. A tandem would be fun, I think, though I cannot speak first-hand. I’m pretty sure I’d be wobbly myself if I tried it now, but in my head I’m sitting tall and sure.

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