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12 thoughts on “August 3.21: Coping

  1. What a wonderful way to describe a lone walk on the beach. That’s lovely.

  2. Deep – it sounds like an explanation of life itself. While we’re speaking of life, did you ever imagine ‘coping’ would be so applicable for so long? Stay well, my friend.

    • Yes, I was thinking of how that little figure was so like all of us at one time or another. As for coping, I started to write a post about that but I depressed myself. I did not think it would be this long, no. You were going to get away today, I think; I hope it was good.

  3. A walk on the beach, a study of what it is to be human. Well said.

  4. We sat beside a similar stretch of sand recently. Mum wanted to “sit and watch the stirrings” at the seaside. The rain treated us with deference too, kindly waiting until we were on the way home.

    • To “sit and watch the stirrings.” What a lovely way to put it. It is the stirrings that compel us, I think, to walk along the water, to walk in the rain, to sometimes be alone in a great space. When rain waits for you to get home, that is REALLY deference!

  5. A lovely photo and words; it make me long for the white sandy beach of my childhood.

    • Thank you! I agree about the photo; I think it is poetic in itself. If I had white sandy beaches in my childhood, I’d be longing for them too.

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