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9 thoughts on “August 8.21: Coping

  1. I’m sitting here laughing visualizing those rabbits reaching that Rose of Sharon. I know it is definitely not funny, and this is the second post about munching rabbits I’ve read this morning. In a neighboring town, the powers that be decided it was a good idea to set up an area and reintroduce a particular breed of rabbit. The neighboring subdivisions are now dealing with these ravenous creatures. Rabbits 1 – Homeowner 0. Enjoy that Rose of Sharon. 🙂

  2. Oh, those poor homeowners! You are so right about the score; the rabbits will always be ahead! I am almost sure they are evolving in ways that mean no good to the poor gardener. My hope is that, when they have grown that giraffe neck, they will look so goofy when they try to run that they’ll be embarrassed and go live in the Deep, Deep Woods.

  3. I don’t know if you can sketch, but you surely can write — at the very least, the rabbit poems ought to become a novel gift item in gardening shops!

  4. This astounds me. I thank you for the encouragement, and maybe you’ve started me thinking (it happens).

  5. You made me laugh. In the winter, the bunnies stand on the snow and nibble at the shoots at the bottom of our road of Sharon plants.

  6. Funny! I’d love to see girabbits but I’m not sure the long tongues would suit them if they were to evolve those too. Or suit you!

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