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January 6.21: Coping


Comes now night’s black broom,

sweeping citric glow

over earth’s long arc

into some tomorrow.

Two planets meet the while

in astronomical collusion,

appearing in a oneness

of ballyhooed illusion.

It isn’t the conjunction but

the difference that’s grand

between what we can see

and what we understand.


Thanks and congratulations on capturing the Conjunction to S.W. Berg.

My apologies, dear reader:

the Conjunction faded in the transfer

to my blog. I hope you can see it!

Although this post is coincidence,

I cannot help noting this is Little Christmas.

The tradition of the star may not be universal

but human searching surely is.



9 thoughts on “January 6.21: Coping

  1. Nice one, Maureen. We’ll hold on to all the Christmas we can for as long as we can.

  2. Very Shakespearian today. I can see the conjunction on my desktop monitor. Donna, and I, cannot see it on her laptop, I copied and pasted today’s blog into a Word document, and the conjunction is still there.

    • SwooB? So the accent is on the S and the B? I am very happy to hear that the Conjunction shows up somewhere, especially if it’s copied and pasted. The photo is great anyway, but the Conjunction is The Grand. Yay!

    • p.s. Now that you mention it, I hear it. Yes, that beginning does have something of Shakespeare in it. There is a slight expectation of “the last syllable of recorded time.” That’s got to be some deeply subconscious remnant. I take it as a shining compliment — thank you — and I’d pat myself on the back if my arthritis permitted.

  3. I cannot see it but given that, haven’t you illustrated what faith is for? I hope you are feeling OK this morning. The news from over there is very unsettling.

    • Yes, that is what faith is for. The everlasting search for something to believe in, for hope. And obviously over here we need to search harder. Thank you for asking — today I am exceptionally depressed and weary. I was glued to the news yesterday in absolute horror, and today I am trying to steel myself for what will come next. I have no words to express my contempt adequately for those who would justify yesterday’s violence or the inciting of it. As though we don’t have enough death and fear from the pandemic. I read about a severe lockdown there and I’m guessing that I’m not the only one in the world exhausted at the moment.

      • Sadly you are not, but I am thinking of you, wishing your country well and hoping that decency will prevail. I remember as a youngster enjoying books that questioned what the truth was, but living through it being enacted before us is far more uncomfortable than I could have imagined.

        We are under intense restrictions, but the virus is spreading so rapidly that there is little alternative.

  4. The county I live in has just been elevated to the highest alert because of the spread here, so it’s gone from bad to worse, which is hard to imagine. I have read about your awful restrictions there; as you say, there is little choice. Thank you for your good wishes — I send the same to you and to your country most heartily.

    As to the truth, I agree that what we saw yesterday was a heart-stopping consequence of lies and flim-flam, most uncomfortable to witness. I doubt that it’s over.

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