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Disconnections: October 16.18


Morning sun

in autumn slants

reveals my dust-fest


my foremothers

would surely look askance

at my housekeeping


Matter of fact,

I think they glanced

and left this subtle



(Is this literary irony? I’m stuck in this dry, arid word desert, and dust gives me words. )



4 thoughts on “Disconnections: October 16.18

  1. Now, you’re talking a subject every woman who keeps house can appreciate and chuckle along with you. Did I say ‘keeps house’? 🙂 I usually notice this about the time I have a visitor, and I glance over and see the light coating of dust particles all around. I dust as soon as they leave, but I’m not sure that is the best practice. 🙂 No dusting here today either, I’ve got the rest of my perennials to deadhead before it starts raining again.

    • Thank you! It’s so good to know that the sun is sneaky like this in other places too! And of course it would time itself with visitors. Indeed, dusting AFTER visitors seems somehow more of an expiation than a housekeeping. How the dust does guilt us! As far as I’m concerned, deadheading perennials is a lot more fun than dusting. And deadheading perennials is not all that much fun! Right now our gardening time is rushing to an end, though, and we must seize the time we have. We can dust on Christmas Eve.

  2. Judy’s comment about dusting after visitors have left made me smile. Mama used to say she dusted every day at one point in her life, but I am sure there must not have been anything to speak of to worry about. We need Disney-esque magic powers so the dust rises, congregates and parades off in a swirl into a lidded bin. No doubt the manufacturers of Ariel laundry detergent would have us believe magic powers were involved.

    • Oh, I do like that! I would love to wave a wand and have all the dust waft off into some dust bin, where, of course, it would turn to sugar. Chocolate sugar. You have wonderful ideas.

      I too enjoyed Judy’s comment! She’s so right. As to your mother, I am speechless. She dusted EVERY DAY? I cannot imagine being that clean. Wow.

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