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8 thoughts on “Disconnections: October 10.18

  1. You’re not alone there, my friend. I’ve gone from three to four times a week to once and this week I couldn’t even produce that. I don’t have any answers, but I’m really glad it’s only a loss of words that has had you off the airways. 🙂

    • Hmmm…I wonder how much the headlines have undone us both. I think you nailed it with the word “answers.” We want and need answers to a whole lot of questions, but we seem to be stuck with just the questions. They’ve clogged my brain pipes. Or maybe I have some answers and it’s the answers that are clogging my brain pipes.

      Though I wasn’t sure, I kind of thought I spotted you away off on one of the dunes in this word desert. So it really was you.

  2. I’m truly sorry you’re feeling this way. I always open your Oddment post as soon as I see it in my inbox, and I hope you’ll be feeling better soon. If this will take you a while, I’ll happily go back to your early ones and enjoy them all over again.
    Your Photos are outstanding. Would it be useful to take some new ones while words evade you?
    I may be out of site but you are never out of my mind.

    • “Out of site but never out of mind.” Good one! And thank you, Shirah! I’ve tried to take some photos, and I have some great photos from my photographer friend Bill, but they lead to nothing. I think of Julianna’s admonishment that when we can’t write it means we are avoiding what we SHOULD be writing about, but that leads to a void also. Why the words stop is as big a mystery as why the words come. Yes?

  3. When people are thoughtful, as you are, a few fallow days is sometimes nature’s best way. In the face of serious issues, writing a poem or posting a picture of a flower can seem inappropriate or inadequate as we contemplate doing it.

    I have felt that many times since I’ve been blogging, yet when I have eventually steeled myself to post something – anything – I have been met with kind responses, yours amongst them. As always I’ll be rooting for you. I hope you’ll not lay fallow for long.

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