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June 2.21: Coping


I’m so little I can hide me

among the garden rocks,

I’m as welcome as a locust

and cute as chickenpox.

I wear a soft and furry coat

with cottontail behind,

but my heart is solid porcine

my ancestors all swine.

Chorus: Oh, engorgement!

I’m happy to my toes!

I’m coming for your garden

with a clover on my nose!


To be sung to the tune of “Oh, Susannah.”

With apologies for the foggy look:

I had to finagle a shot through the Venetian blinds again.


6 thoughts on “June 2.21: Coping

  1. I have such a soft spot for ‘pet’ rabbits, just the photo made me smile. I still miss our beloved Herbert Menninger. 🙂 Knock on my hard head, I haven’t had to deal with wild ones. I’m grateful for that because I have to deal with all other kinds of things including the snake I adiosed yesterday with the longest pitch fork I could find in the barn. Man, I hate snakes. Photos of cute bunnies and deer are wonderful except when they decide your yard is their salad bar. Happy Wednesday.

    • Oh, I do remember how beloved your Herbert was — and how well-mannered! May your luck hold in dealing with rabbits, but in the meantime you sure have had more than your share of critters. Snakes? Yes, man the pitchforks! Things that slither, other than good old-fashioned earthworms, are NOT welcome! As for being a salad bar, that’s exactly it. Geese and rabbits seem to see an all-you-can-eat sign. Yes, a happy Wednesday anyway!

  2. We love the bunnies in our yard. They can be annoying when they decide to munch something we hope to eat, but we tend to look the other way. They’re just so darn cute.

    • I always think bunnies are cute in someone else’s yard! They’ve chomped down too many flowers to be on my good side. However, I share my clover generously.

  3. I disturbed two wild rabbits yesterday when I was walking, but would be seriously alarmed to find one in my garden. Mind you, I do have greenflies and slugs.

    • Greenflies and slugs and rabbits all fall in the same category of garden curse. I have to admit, though, that some rabbits can be cute and no one can say the same of greenflies or slugs!

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