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4 thoughts on “July 17.19

  1. For several years, we kept our grandkids pet rabbit, and I loved that guy. I even had a little pop up pen that I took outside when I gardened, and he came out there with me. I grew lettuce and carrots just for him. Crazy I know, but we enjoyed each other’s company. When he passed, I felt real grief and still to this day miss him when I’m outside. So far, we don’t have wild bunnies. As a matter of fact, we have so few that they are endangered in the state and there is a neighboring town that is creating a habitat for them. The only problem is they are establishing it at the same place there is a huge community garden. Hmmm. 🙂

    • I dimly remember that! I think you wrote about your rabbit in your blog at one time. We too had a pet rabbit long ago, and I can see a difference between a pet rabbit and a rabbit plague. A pet rabbit has much better manners than the rabbits in my yard. Your pet rabbit had it good — ours did not have a garden devoted to it! I can’t believe rabbits are endangered anywhere; I’d be happy to send NH some of ours. They are costing me a bundle this year.

      A rabbit sanctuary near a community garden? Have mercy!

  2. The bold, innocent looking ones are the worst.

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