In search of story

July 12.19


Wandering a nursery

as every gardener knows

risks a Chapter 11

a lien or a foreclose,

but I chloroformed my conscience

and did it anyway

wearing mental blinders

lest I seriously stray.

Then came the gardener’s gasp,

that lub-dub of the heart

and a whole new Scabiosa

leaped unbidden in my cart.

I’d never seen the like

of this particular

others that I’d grown

were less oracular.

With buds that look like berries,

florescing into pins,

whimsical and winsome

a gardener’s Mickey Finn,

it mesmerized my mettle

jellied my backbone;

it’s not my fault, of course,

that it followed me back home.



4 thoughts on “July 12.19

  1. That would jump into my cart as well. I’ve already gone to google to find it. LOL I do not need another plant, Maureen. This is cruel and unusual punishment. But, I do have some bonus bucks I might be able to apply towards it if I can find it at my local nursery. 🙂 I’ll let you know if I find it this weekend.

    • You may have heard me laugh out loud as I read your comment. Isn’t this an eye-catcher? I’ve been sheltering it in the garage every night so far to keep it from the rabbits because I am so chuffed about it! I must confess I might go back for another. Yes, let me know if you find it!

  2. Looks like a good choice… or basket catch, if it really did leap.

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