In search of story

January 12.19



Breakfast is served

if you’re not too picky

if you don’t think slimy

pondweed is icky

if you’ll brave the snow

and duckgooseflesh

you’ll savor an entrée

delectably fresh.


(Well, at least I didn’t make any cold duck jokes.)



6 thoughts on “January 12.19

  1. I’ll take my breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a nice clean plate, please. 🙂

    • Obviously you are glad to not be a duck. (I am too.) (I am also a proud splitter of infinitives.)

      I just tried to leave a comment on the SMGA post but I couldn’t. I was excited to read that this is the year of the snapdragon — I love snapdragons! I will try again later.

  2. We’ll give you credit for that. I love duckgooseflesh. We have a family story about my sister who once told my mother “I’ve got that chicken swell again”. Our home was not overly warm in winter!

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