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July 2.22: Coping, but barely

A puddle in a path

divides the population

in two distinctive camps

of opposite persuasion.

One must forge ahead

to know where this path goes;

the other shrinks from earth

that gushes ‘twixt the toes.

That second would be me,

uncurious when it comes

to mud or bugs or slithering;

my adventurousness succumbs.

I prefer the no-itch life,

sufficient just a look;

I’ll follow muddy paths

in air-conditioned book.


I may not be the outdoorsy type,

but I know beauty when I see it.

A salute to those who care for our green spaces.

Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve,

Fishers, IN.


February 2.19


The deep deep woods

is guarded by

a small small troll

two inches high;

he’ll challenge you

with round round eye

in little hole —

a sly sly spy.

If you would walk

his white white earth,

you pay his toll,

the tax on worth,

not in penny-ante cents

but still still pause

of reverence.



With many thanks to photographer Mary Jo Bassett.

And also thanks to Johnny Gruelle,

who introduced me to the deep deep woods in his Raggedy Ann stories ever so long ago.



Connections: April 18.18

My eye fixed on the ground

I sought the flowers of spring

then upward raised my lens

to capture sky and wing.

That was when I spotted

this behemoth on the tilt

sending me the message

I’m not so sturdy built.

The towering defunct giant

leaned into slender groove

it didn’t take me long

to decide that I should move.







Connections: February 6.18

Balustrade in the woods

wants authenticity

neither built by squirrels

nor grown spontaneously.

Its lines and neat-hewed angles

perhaps herein discordant

but for those of certain age

orthopedically accordant.


More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.





Connections: January 28.17


something tall and proud

lies felled

death took it

then blade

now knelled

in crackling whisper

as kin mark

their own sure geld

respectfully distant

from remnants


in tender long shadows



More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives,

Vernon Hill Gallery.