In search of story


October 3.20: Coping

Like old sepia photo

inviting eye to linger

does sepia of wood

invite admiring finger.

Eminently touchable

in smooth and rounded form,

from chocolate to butterscotch

toasted, glazed, warm.

Like mystery in the photo

the mystery in the wood

makes us stop and ponder

exactly as we should.



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

and to Traders Point Creamery, Zionsville, IN.




October 29.19

Age, some say,

is just a number,


contrived encumber.

I shake my head

and must dissent;

age is real,

the past is spent.

In shingles curled,

in chimneys blackened,

in wood wind-sanded,

in facia slackened,

time’s signature

is boldly written,

and we are similarly


Our mortar to dust,

our boards to splinter,

through many a summer

and many a winter,

we too show

the outward signs

of life’s erosions,

droops, declines.

But as parts unjoin,

fade and slip

arises still

proud workmanship.

And so with us

of youth bereft:

who we are

is what is left.


With thanks to photographer Mary Jo Bassett

and Conner Prairie Living History Museum, Fishers, IN.