In search of story


Connections: October 28.17

The hen with the turquoise tail

and watchful ruby eye

busily bustles about

in no way subtle or shy.

Incredulous, unbelieving,

clucking at all she sees

hustling up and down stairs

with never an if-you-please,

she gathers each mote of gossip

slack-jawed, open-beaked,

around and about the condos

astonished and endlessly piqued.



More thanks to the S.W. Berg photo archives,

and to the D.J. Berg store of whimsy.






Connections: March 23.17

Did you ever have the feeling

that you were being watched?

That you’d best not sneak that pastry

or leave that crossword botched?

You can summon up its form

with secret incantation

and here’s the concrete proof

it’s not your imagination.

Thanks again to the S. W. Berg Photo Archives

and to the D.J. Berg Whimsy Archives.