In search of story


March 13.19

If all the world’s a stage

give mine the glint of gold

scarlet plush and curtains

in towering thespian fold.

Give me a kindly audience

who patiently endure

through epilogue’s last echo

from brassy overture.

Give me jeweled soliloquy

sparkling in its wit

not too long but long enough

for annals of World Lit.

Give me blue-white spotlight

commanding and intense

before that sky-high curtain

begins its last descent.

After final curtain

when there isn’t any more

may there be one ovation

which resounds with loud “Encore!”



I never know where Bill’s photos — or any photos, for that matter — will lead me. This one brought back one of my favorite memories of my father, a brilliant man who developed dementia. Before the dementia claimed him, he wrote his own obituary and declared to me that he wanted people to read it and say, “Let’s bring this guy back!” I laughed, but I felt his longing not to be forgotten. How human.



Many thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.


Connections: December 11.16

2015-12-09-angelsYou can’t go back

that’s no lie

but Christmas is

the time to try.

Unburied from tissue

and neuron connection

Christmas of childhood

bemused retrospection.

Tinseled nostalgia

patina of age

bring yesterday’s players

to today’s Christmas stage.

We can’t go back

that much is clear

and so we summon

childhood here.

Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives

and the D.J. Berg Christmas Panorama.