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Disconnections: November 18.18



to lasting function

or rouged and blowzy

extreme unction?

Wizened perhaps

in carburetor


in accelerator

rusted, dented,


yet with vital


to give me hope

there’s still some good

within my own

antique popped hood.



I do not know the creator so I cannot give credit,

but I can tell you this is part of a stop-the-car! display in Fortville, IN.

Is it public art or capital joke? In the eye of the beholder, yes?


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Connections: March 29

Vernon Hill - 12 - 2015-10The keeping room

old-fashioned place

where all were held

in homey embrace.

Gathering, warming

by hearth and by heart

not valued for size

but as cozy rampart.

Predictable, safe

filled with the known —

it’s in my head now;

I go there alone.

It isn’t this tidy


but rather like dreams


those who are now

and those who have been

and things that have rusted

and cracked and worn thin.

Things that I touched

with little girl fingers

kitchens and people

whose cinnamon lingers.

My keeping room holds them

for how long I can’t say

but I hold tight and hope

they won’t fade away.

Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives

and its Vernon Hill Gallery.