In search of story


Disconnections: July 17.18

In elephantine pirouette

I dance around my deck

bending, leaning, stretching

twisting leg and neck

camera poised and ready

in effort all agley’d

to capture in mid-flight

a wispy floating seed.

It can’t be seen by others

observers might be flummoxed

wondering what I’m chasing

delusional and lummoxed.

I cannot get a focus

on ary single one

the geranium sighs and whispers

I’ll show you how it’s done:

you stay quite still and quiet

don’t let on you care

and it will come to you

like silvery tickly air.




Connections: April 18.18

My eye fixed on the ground

I sought the flowers of spring

then upward raised my lens

to capture sky and wing.

That was when I spotted

this behemoth on the tilt

sending me the message

I’m not so sturdy built.

The towering defunct giant

leaned into slender groove

it didn’t take me long

to decide that I should move.