In search of story


August 22.21: Coping

In the time of two breaths

there’s the twilight sweet spot

when everything hovers

between color and not.

White becomes silver

as shadows unfurl,

or maybe it’s pewter

or mother-of-pearl;

reds turn to velvet

with lavender nap,

blues, cupric sulfate,

with diamond wrap.

Yellows to brass

with gold overlays,

burnished in hot coal,

smoldering blaze.

And a palette is born

each day at its end

that no words can capture

but only pretend.




Connections: April 22.18

In palette vast

the earth enhues us;

with awe and wonder

it should infuse us.

If we grow smug

and shrug,


it will rouse us with

loud peals of white.



Thanks more to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives for this glorious Earth Show.

May we come closer to stewardship on this Earth Day.