In search of story


Connections: April 11.18


Mom said, “Don’t mix patterns,”

and I think I can see why;

these every-which-way lines

make my eyeballs go awry.

Yet pattern clash intrigues,

attests to solemn truth:

maternal admonitions

go the way of the phone booth.



More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



Connections: May 8

2015-08 - 13 - Mother dove & chicksThe look

warning most unmeek:

Hell hath no fury

like a mother’s beak!

The look

that deadly laser eye

best maternal weapon

unloosed like banshee’s cry

piercing in its silence

commanding in its aim

it paralyzes enemies

and offspring all the same.

The look

a hybrid arsenal

of terror and of love

a mom has got to be

part raptor and part dove.

To all those women who have flapped and swooped that fine line between raptor and dove, a very happy day!

With more thanks to the S.W.Berg Photo Archives.