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Connections: January 6.18

My dear friend Donna sent me the most amazing news this morning: Today is National I’m-Not-Going-To-Take-It-Any-More Day. And we’re coming to the end of Some-Day-We’ll-Laugh-About-This Week. Did you know, dear reader, of these observances? I did not.

So I am challenged now. What am I not going to take any more? People driving on my back bumper when I’m already going over the speed limit? People who flash their turn signals AFTER they’ve changed lanes? The way a vast population has mistaken opinion for fact and doesn’t seem to care? Click-bait? Computer pop-ups that threaten jail and fines if I don’t call their toll-free number?

The cold truth of the matter is that I have to keep taking all these things I won’t take any more. I cannot change them. And I doubt I will some day laugh about any of them.

But that’s why God gave me mirrors. There’s where I see what I will laugh at. I can be such a doofus.

There are my thoughts in honor of this day and week.

I wish you, dear reader, a properly belligerent I’m-Not-Going-To-Take-It-Any-More Day to end this rueful Some-Day-We’ll-Laugh-About-This Week. In addition, a head-bangingly happy National Bobblehead Day!