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Connections: October 16

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA“Hey, Bertrand, is that you?

I hate to say it, but you’re blockin’ my view!”

“Go away, Bug — you bother me!

But first give a push on my lower left knee.”

“You’re gettin’ on, Bert. You need to let up.

You don’t have your old go-and-get-up.”

“The gallardia ain’t what they used to be —

it’s gotta be them. I know it’s not me.”

“You’ve put on a few. You’re rounded and stout.

Your legs are rickety and there’s your gout.”

“Bosh and foolery! You don’t know.

You young bugs are all about show.

But fast isn’t everything; life’s not about speed,

buzzin’ and zoomin’ all hawed and gee’d.

So be on your way, revved up and juiced,

but, before you bug off, just give me a boost.”