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Connections: August 25.17

I’ve never grown pear tomatoes

but I hope I will do it again

there’s something jolly about them

though I’m not sure I quite comprehend.

Is it the belfry they bring to the garden

their curly jester hat

or is it they look like shmoos

or first cousin to squatty kumquat?

Or maybe the candle flame

they glowingly bring to mind?

Or happily all the above

conglomerately citrined.







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Connections: April 26

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMy neighbors’ yards bejewelled

by April cloisonne

— tulips’ dazzling hues

bowing in the May —

shine more brightly

than does mine

with shyly clever


In canny metamorphosis

it changes jester hat

for coronet of wings —

a tulip can’t do that!

As spring gives way to summer

and tulips sag to brown

my columbine laughs last

in green and ruffly mound.