In search of story



Two years ago I wrote “Clock” as my tribute to August, the month which turns the garden. August turns me too, and with contented anticipation of the cocoon ahead.

This year I decided to join a community of bloggers on a project called “August Break,” created by Susannah Conway. They agree to post a picture a day as a break from writing. Ha, say I. We’re writers: show us a picture and stand back because we WILL write. A picture is a green light every time. Maybe we are just writing in our heads, but we’re writing. We can’t help it; we’re weak that way.

Anyway, I tried to sign up, but the page froze. I took that as a sign from my muse. Not for me, this community of August Breakers.

So I decided to become a Community of One. I will tell the story of my August, one picture at a time, and try to let the pictures speak for themselves.

My pictures will be my countdown, this year’s clock, gently tick-tocking August away into its inevitable September.

Hummingbird with attitude

Hummingbird with attitude