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Connections: August 3.17

 This won’t fit into your pocket

and it won’t put you on to the ‘net

but there are so many places you can’t drop it

and it doesn’t mind getting wet.

It doesn’t compete with today

and its digital glossy chronology

but holds to a steady display

of yesterday’s hand-wrought technology.

In gilded and courtly demeanor

it sniffs in aloof pantomime

though a smartphone is somewhat leaner

it’s unmoved by the passing of time.



Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



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Connections: March 1.17

2017-02-07-frozen-crow-dl%0d%0a-verginThis forlorn and crabby crow

adorned in German springtime snow

in silent cold indignity

looks a lot like cheerless me.

March tornadically announced

last night its roaring lion pounced

winter’s beauty not denied

 I prefer the lamb’s springtide.

Thanks to the Dianna Vergin Photo Archives.



Connections: February 17

Strasbourg 1

Einstein’s right!

Hail, fabric of time-space!

Gravitational waves

all over the place!

Black holes and Higgs bosons,

planets hired and fired —

am I here or there?


 No wonder I’m tired.

It’s best contemplated

with schnitzel and spaetzle

to keep it all simple:

life’s still a pretzel.

Danke once again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.