In search of story


Disconnections: July 17.18

In elephantine pirouette

I dance around my deck

bending, leaning, stretching

twisting leg and neck

camera poised and ready

in effort all agley’d

to capture in mid-flight

a wispy floating seed.

It can’t be seen by others

observers might be flummoxed

wondering what I’m chasing

delusional and lummoxed.

I cannot get a focus

on ary single one

the geranium sighs and whispers

I’ll show you how it’s done:

you stay quite still and quiet

don’t let on you care

and it will come to you

like silvery tickly air.




Connections: January 15

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPeople, meaning well,

say I should have a pet.

Little do they know

I have the best one yet.

Meet my pet geranium:

content in sunny latitude

it contemplates the weather

in vaguely feline attitude.

It may not twitch a tail

nuzzle, wag, or purr,

but I don’t have to walk it

or vacuum up its fur.

My friends are quite like-minded

and, taller than they by half,

 is their twining placid rosy

pet bougainvillea giraffe.

With thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.