In search of story


April 9.22: Coping, but barely


“Hello! I must be going!”

a tune too rarely heard,

wafted through the air

from waddling squatty bird.

Crestfallen and bewildered,

the pup, his tail a-droop,

wondered if he’d erred

in mention of “Duck Soup.”

The huffy Madame Mallard,

like all good critic quackers,

made it known that she prefers

the classic “Animal Crackers.”


With a salute to Marx Brothers movies:

“Animal Crackers” (1930)

“Duck Soup” (1933)

(What else would a dog and duck talk about?)


April 9.20: Coping

Just outside my window

comfy as can be

a most complacent duck

dwells in reverie.

Something makes her happy

content to sit a while

a secret she is hiding

with inscrutable duck smile.



With apologies for filmy look:

I had to sneak this through the Venetian blinds.

Maybe someone needs to wash her windows?

Nah…she’s not that bored!