In search of story


Connections: February 12.18

Icy visage

deck as mirror

transparent message:

winter’s still here.

Encased in numbing

frozen air

the world succumbs

to dark despair.

But wait! What errant

buoy is this?

What harbinger

of warming bliss?

Why does it glower

all grumpy of feather

as though I ordered

this lousy weather?


Yes, robins, dear reader! A red-breasted throng of them on the heels of freezing rain. And all frowning. What did they expect? Palm trees?





Connections: November 28.17

When you’ve decked your deck with autumn hues

of scarlet, gold and light chartreuse

you don’t expect what can appear

when summer leaves a souvenir.

Nobody planted it but itself

no phantom gnome or garden elf

it had to see, after hearing the tout,

what Thanksgiving and Christmas were all about.



Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives

and D.J. Berg’s green (and yellow and red) thumb.



Connections: September 26.16

2015-10-65-bottle-treeSometimes the genies of summer

won’t let go their hold

so we arrange their favorite bottles

and put out our own red and gold

thus do we help Mother Nature

get on with the business at hand

cooling our heat-weary world

coloring it with new crayons.

Thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives and the D.J. Berg Whimsy Archives.