In search of story


April 4.20: Coping

There’s magic in a daydream;

it conjures up a wish

and makes it seem achieved

though it’s only real-ish.

 I dream I’m leaning in

as far as I am able

amid the light and color

with my elbows on the table.

I add some blue-leg’d roosters

who don’t need social distance

and people without masks,

and I summon up resistance.



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

and to this bright cafe in pre-COVID Dusseldorf.

Family update, dear reader: my son is not worse and this is good!


Connections: November 1.16

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the sound of the trees

goes from swooshes to crackles

and the greens give way

to black and brown spackles

and they all play percussion

on their own dry bones

dig out the flannels

 dust off the hearthstones

measure your books

and quilts by reams

and see to your stock

of winter daydreams.