In search of story


Disconnections: July 22.18

In newborn gloss

on legs of jelly

a baby inquires

on tender belly

what is this place?

where am I now?

is this my meadow?

I’m all, like, wow



and in wonder




Meet Pumpkin, offspring of Halloween. Seriously. Many thanks to Debbie and Richard Brown for this photo, taken on their cattle farm, Indian Trail Farms, VA, and kindly shared by S.W. Berg. Debbie was the photographer and is a close friend of Halloween and, one imagines, proud admirer of Pumpkin.

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Connections: March 23

10-09 - Black Forest - 300 year old barnIf this be barn

I think to myself

the cows are milked

by gnome and elf.

Can such an otherworld

storybook mime

really exist

in this place and time?

If I tiptoe around

not touchin’, just lookin’

would someone say Kommen Sie

for warm apfelkuchen?

Would Goethe move over

the Grimm Brothers share?

Could I touch a past

so reverenced there?

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.