In search of story




Is it the proud posture of the dried lavender

or the fragrance teasing me from the photo

that makes me hover over it?

It may well be the old homey bushel basket,

with its metal hands stretched up to mine —

sure sign of harvest.

Welcome, autumn!

And thanks, Bill, for sharing this photo from the S. W. Berg archives!

And thanks, Donna, for making the word “connections” a vibrant one. From the D.J. Berg archives.

It was my writing mate Tamara who suggested I accept the challenge of posting a photo a day for August. Thanks to her, I discovered the powerful connection between photography and writing. For me, a big surprise. (She knew, of course.) Though August is over, I am continuing, best I can, with the photo a day.

Besides, we are going into my favored half of the year, as I described in Clock two years ago. It merits the daily record. So, dear reader, onward! With photos!