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Connections: June 20

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA“Do you like butter?”

Remember that?

Dandelions revealed

the love of fat.

Held beneath

anyone’s chin

they summoned up

the butyrin.

If you didn’t like butter

you wouldn’t glow

scientific proof

the ultimate show.

Thus is it clear

what these bugs are about:

empirical evidence

resolving doubt.


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Connections: October 16

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA“Hey, Bertrand, is that you?

I hate to say it, but you’re blockin’ my view!”

“Go away, Bug — you bother me!

But first give a push on my lower left knee.”

“You’re gettin’ on, Bert. You need to let up.

You don’t have your old go-and-get-up.”

“The gallardia ain’t what they used to be —

it’s gotta be them. I know it’s not me.”

“You’ve put on a few. You’re rounded and stout.

Your legs are rickety and there’s your gout.”

“Bosh and foolery! You don’t know.

You young bugs are all about show.

But fast isn’t everything; life’s not about speed,

buzzin’ and zoomin’ all hawed and gee’d.

So be on your way, revved up and juiced,

but, before you bug off, just give me a boost.”


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Connections: September 26

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABetween the dark and the daylight —

not Longfellow’s evening pause —

comes the afterglow of daybright

September’s twilight bows.

Undulant gentle autumn air,

rocking-chair safe, home-cozy,

whispers bugs out from somewhere

to play their ring-around-rosy.