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Connections: February 14.17

2015-06-33-bouginvilla-15-july“Say it with flowers”

has sold many a rose

but other flowers speak

in poetry and prose.

How can I say more

to express my true feeling

than with this corsage

of bougainvillea on the ceiling?

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader!

And more thanks to the S.W.Berg Photo Archives

and to D.J. Berg’s green thumbs.


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Connections: November 27.16

2016-11-01-bougainvilleaWhile winter creeps in

cold and unfeeling

the pet bougainvillea

cavorts to the ceiling

scoffing at frost

in leafy profusion

flaunting its tentacled

optical illusion.

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives

and applause for the D.J.Berg Green Thumb.



Connections: January 15

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPeople, meaning well,

say I should have a pet.

Little do they know

I have the best one yet.

Meet my pet geranium:

content in sunny latitude

it contemplates the weather

in vaguely feline attitude.

It may not twitch a tail

nuzzle, wag, or purr,

but I don’t have to walk it

or vacuum up its fur.

My friends are quite like-minded

and, taller than they by half,

 is their twining placid rosy

pet bougainvillea giraffe.

With thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.