In search of story


October 23.19

Chin up, people say,

and thus we raise our vision,

but the stoic looking up

can result in sad omission;

next our toes, ‘mid last year’s leaf,

in stature seeming humble

littleness abounds

in comfy forest crumble.

We can ill afford to slight

the low and lofty mixed:

balance is decreed

sky and ground betwixt.


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.



Disconnections: December 13.18


An obvious moral is corny

an insult, trite and hacked;

the reader need not be assailed

with life is a balancing act.

Nonetheless, Nature advises

with many a silent word;

I’m sure there’s admonition

which oughtn’t go unheard.

Is it only balance

mutely blatant above

or does it speak of deadwood

I need to let go of?



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.