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February 28.23: Coping, but barely


What is the secret to life,

to live it the way it was meant?

Where do I learn survival,

how to feel at peace and content

even in winter’s cold rain,

a calypso of needley sleet

that beats on my head sharp staccato

while ice encrusts my feet?

How do they do it, these ducks,

apparently comfy and warm,

despite the bleak and the biting

of frigid late winter storm?

Could I be as gladly oblivious

to cruelty, bloodshed and dreck

if I wore my own feather bed

and had rubber band for a neck?

Or maybe I’m mistaken,

and they are not placidly sleeping,

but seek pond solitude

 for private silent weeping.


And thus, dear reader, ends February. With deadly ice and alien snowfall, with roaring winds and crashing downpours and tornado sirens and mid-day darkness and — of course — more news of suffering and idiocy. I watch the ducks and wonder what they know.

7 thoughts on “February 28.23: Coping, but barely

  1. We all have to eat, and sometimes, we all have to hide from the world and weep, or at least think about the things that scare us and make us sad. Beautifully written, Maureen.

    On the lighter side, I get a shiver up my spine every time I watch a duck go from the land into the ice water.

  2. Ducks must have their own form of meditation Maureen. I hate to think they might be weeping. 😢

    I know like all wild animals, they are insulated against bad weather. But so am I in my heavy coat, hat, gloves, boots and scarf, and I still freeze! And I sure don’t look as beautiful and elegant as this duck does.

    Hunker down my friend. Wishing you warmth and safety and that you don’t lose power. Spring is on its way! 🥀🌻🍄🌸🌺🌝

  3. Words I read twice. I think it’s the equivalent of us going back to bed and covering our heads or it could be as simple as me and my mute button for the tv. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s a coping mechanism of some sort which we all can use these days. I’m trying to cope with snow that as been falling for 18 hours straight. So, tonight I will not think about starting the Toro around 9 in the morning and trying to clear it. Ugh. 🙂

    • 18 hours of snowfall?? Are you kidding? No, don’t think about it! Tuck your head under your wing and don’t look up again until June. I am so sorry to hear how bad it is there! We do need to bury our heads at times.

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